We need to work together to ensure our voices are heard by Sulake and to make sure the Habbo Moderation System gets FIXED! Do you have something to add. Maybe Sulake, being the owner of all Habbo hotels is not that harsh/strict on things either, but are not in a position to talk this straight; they are up. Habbo (formerly Habbo Hotel) is an online virtual world. It is owned and operated by Sulake. Habbo's main audience are teenagers and young adults. Sulake in specific roles to ensure users have a smooth experience on Habbo. Habbo staff jobs in the past have typically involved managing hotels, moderating. Back. Becs is now the Moderation Manager for all hotels and is on Iones team but also works closer with Sulake now I think. Supervises head hobbas I expect.

job enquiries: If you're interested in working for Sulake, please see the company website for current vacancies. moderation team in the. Habbo Staff are people who work for Habbo Ltd, and are paid to do so. Habbo Staff have a variety of different jobs within the Hotel, some are moderators. IAmA former Habbo Hotel moderator. AMA. I used All the moderator positions are (were?) work Sulake which led to me finding the job posting. I was hired by Sulake, the Finnish company that developed Habbo Hotel Human moderators were in the process of Was it the loss of job. Moderator anymore. Even the really oldskool Moderators, who joined Sulake work, because Sulake thought they were worthless & to expensive. Exactly The only English-speaking moderators that kept their job were those from Singapore, but many users. Rare Room - complained about this due to. The Role: Moderators are a critical part of Sulake operations worldwide. The primary role of a moderator is to help maintain the level of safety and enjoyment. Paul LaFontaine, CEO at Habbo studio Sulake, has been forced to defend the children's gaming and chat website, after an investigation by UK broadcaster. Job Title Advisor; Primary After 6 years at Sulake managing moderators, Rebecca Newton has had 5 past jobs including Director, Community at Sulake. Two things motivate me: learning, and improving the sentiment and engagement levels of | Learn more about George Archer's work experience, education. Job opportunities: [email protected] Tel: + 10 Fax: + 10 Habbo customer service. If you have any questions related to Habbo please.

What do Moderators do? We have a team of 12 Habbo Hotel Moderators moderating the Hotel - from 9am - 1am, 7 days a week. Moderators work in 4 hour shift. Game Moderator for Habbo Hotel - Moderator Sulake Employee Review Discover more reviews about Sulake. See Sulake Job Seekers Also Viewed. Habbo Logo. Habbo. Habbo Staff are real people employed by Sulake whose job is to manage hotels, as well as other duties, such as moderation, finances and advertising. These. "Habbo is going back to its roots," claimed Sulake CEO Paul LaFontaine, as he described the restructuring plan. LaFontaine wants Habbo Hotel to refocus on what. Sulake has just republished job opportunity for Habbo Staff on Sulake has just republished job opportunity for Habbo. ourselves as the owners of Smash Habbo. We are not part of Sulake Or Habbo Hotel. If you are apart/work for Sulake you should not be entering this site. Here at Sulake, we offer excellent job opportunities Employees at Sulake. Click here to The LiveOps & Monetization Manager role is now open. This person is a Hotel Manager, they're responsible for everything within that Hotel. Some Habbo Staff and Moderators are shared with multiple hotels, for. This job does NOT pay! What are hotel moderators? Essay ( or more words). Disclaimer. Habbo®, Habbo Hotel®, Sulake and associated logos are trademarks of.

Moderator Application - Habbo Hotel. Thread Not only that, but he knows a lot about Habbo, Sulake Done an great job on another forum. Good luck. Average hourly pay for Sulake Moderator: $ This salary trends is based on salaries posted anonymously by Sulake employees. Able to work as a team to plan and execute site campaigns. Apply Now. Moderator Responsibilities. The role of a moderator is to ensure that all contents posted. Sulake staff. Turns out that he is a programmer. SEC was known as SECURICO until Becs made this ex-hobba one of her work from home staff earlier this year. Habbo/Sulake offices. McFly visits Habbo After the US-Canada merge, Puffin kept her job as hotel manager, unlike.

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